Click It or Ticket Enforcement Period Begins May 18th

Mandan, ND– Beginning May 18th until May 31st, the Morton County Sheriff’s Office will have extra patrols to enforce the state seat belt law.

In 2019, 47% of North Dakota motor vehicle fatalities were not wearing a seat belt. Seat belts save lives and are the single most effective safety device to prevent death and injury in a motor vehicle crash. Not only does a seat belt restrain occupants in the vehicle’s designed protective space, it prevents them from colliding with other occupants in the vehicle.

“One thing you can control when you are traveling is the ability to buckle up,” said Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier. “It protects you from being ejected in a crash or injuring other occupants. Be sure to always wear your seat belt.”

“Wearing your seat belt every time you travel decreases your chances of being seriously injured or killed,” said Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier. “Help us meet the goal of Vision Zero by buckling up and encouraging your passengers to do the same.”

Click It or Ticket is part of the Vision Zero strategy to eliminate motor vehicle crash fatalities and serious injuries on North Dakota roads.

Visit the North Dakota Crash Memorial Wall to view memorials built on the hope of preventing another death on North Dakota roads.

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