Protesters Gather in Sioux Falls; Businesses Prepare

Protesters are gathered in Sioux Falls to protest the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

The Sioux Falls police department says they have worked with protest organizers for a safe protest this evening. However, some downtown businesses have taken proactive steps in boarding up windows, should unrest arise.

Today, Governor Kristi Noem issued a statement on the nationwide unrest over the past several days:

“We take the protection of people’s rights very seriously, as we’ve demonstrated over the last several months, including the right to peacefully protest,” said Governor Noem. “Make no mistake, mob rule and violence do nothing to honor the memory of victims. If asked, the state stands ready to assist local authorities to ensure everyone’s rights are protected. Rioting and looting, like we’ve seen in other cities and states, will not be tolerated in South Dakota.”

The Sioux Falls Police Department issued the following statement:

The Sioux Falls Police Department has always prided itself in having a great relationship with the community. This strong relationship has been only established through hard work on both sides. Today will be no exception as we have worked with many community leaders in helping facilitate a protest in reference to George Floyd’s tragic death in Minneapolis and making sure it is done safely. We respect your 1st Amendment rights and want to you to be heard. Today is Sioux Falls’ opportunity to proudly show the world the great example of how community and police can work together and do things with grace and peace, while respecting all those involved.

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