Fargo Police Deputy Chief Suspended Over Actions at Protest

This morning, Fargo Police Chief Dave Todd and Mayor Dr. Tim Mahoney met with Deputy Chief Todd Osmundson to discuss last weekend’s events and the actions Deputy Chief Osmundson chose to undertake on his own without approval on Saturday evening.

Chief Todd has suspended Deputy Chief Osmundson for one week of unpaid leave, effective immediately.

According to an email apology, obtained by and reprinted in the Fargo Forum, Osmundson apologized to the department for carrying a beer can and yelling expletives, including f the cops, with the protesters. Osmundson says in his opinion the operation required extra under cover operations. He says he was trying to fit in, so he grabbed an empty Coors can off the street and yelled with the protesters as he casually looked in cars. He describes himself as a perfect UC or undercover guy.

In the statement sent from the Police Deparment, Chief Todd stated, “This a serious matter and we are dealing with it quickly. Having a sworn person—whether they are an officer in uniform or a member of my command team acting on their own—operating independent of operations planning is unacceptable and dangerous. Deputy Chief Osmundson has accepted full ownership of his actions.”

Mayor Mahoney remarked, “The actions of Deputy Chief Osmundson were outside of protocol, creating a danger for himself and any officer who may have needed to come to his aid. Maintaining the public’s trust is critically important to our entire team.”

Osmundson is a 31-year employee of the Fargo Police Department.

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