Metro Leaders Support OneFargo Event Friday, While Preparing to Fully Protect The Community

Fargo, West Fargo, Moorhead and Cass County leaders, Fargo Police, Fargo Public Schools and members of the Fargo Human Relations Commission have engaged in substantial dialogue this week with the organizers of Friday’s planned events. Organizers have modified their original plans of a sit-in at City Hall. Today, these organizers and City leaders are pleased to announce the OneFargo Celebration on Friday, June 5, from 1-3 p.m. in Fargo’s Island Park. This peaceful, family-friendly event will commemorate the beginning of the process for continual substantive dialogue, collaboration and work in our community. The City of Fargo and Fargo Police are fully supporting this OneFargo event and its organizers. The metro’s elected leaders will be actively participating in the event.

The OneFargo event will solely be held within Island Park. Organizers and the City are committed to fostering a successful and safe celebration. Accordingly, the City will not permit public rights of way to be blocked by pedestrians or motor vehicles in any area of the community to ensure everyone’s safety. The City will not tolerate violent acts targeting any individuals or property.

In response to active threats and to prevent outside influencers from adversely impacting the event, our people, community and assets, The City of Fargo has ordered a full activation of its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and appropriate personnel.

The concerns of community members have been heard and the City stands ready to protect the safety of our residents, their livelihoods and City infrastructure.  The City of Fargo and the Fargo Police Department have spent the last week preparing for potential threats and events this weekend, and will continue to monitor developments.

Based on received threats, Fargo City Hall, the downtown Fargo Public Library and Fargo Municipal Court will be fully closed on Friday with all employees working remotely. The North Dakota National Guard has been activated to protect public infrastructure.

The Mayor’s previous emergency declaration remains in effect. If needed, a curfew or an order to stay out of a specific area may be issued. These orders are rarely used in Fargo but must be taken seriously when issued.

Mayor Dr. Tim Mahoney stated, “Our discussions with the organizers of the OneFargo event were the beginning of an important and needed dialogue with members of our community. We all want tomorrow’s event to be peaceful, productive and a celebration. To ensure a safe OneFargo event and our entire metro area, our teams stand ready to protect this great community whenever needed.”

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