Rep. Johnson Introduces Bill to Protect Mt. Rushmore; Native Groups Want it Down

Representative Dusty Johnson of South Dakota introduced a bill Thursday in an effort to protect Mount Rushmore. Some Native American leaders are saying they want Mount Rushmore removed, and say it is as much a symbol of white supremacy as confederate statues. They’re part of the NDN Collective, which, according to their website is an indigenous-led organization dedicated to building Indigenous power. In addition, Oglala Sioux President Julian Bear Runner says Mount Rushmore should come down because it was built on land Great Plains Indians still claim to own.  Representative Johnson introduced H.R. 7358, which states that no Federal funds be used to alter, change, destroy, or remove, in whole or in part, any name, face, or other feature on the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. It’s currently cosponsored by 15 other representatives, all republican. The was referred to the House Committee on Natural Resources. Meanwhile, the NDN Collective says they plan to protest President Trump’s visit to the site for the Independence Day celebration.

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