“NO Way on Amendment A” Committee Formed to Oppose Recreational Marijuana in SD

A ballot committee was filed July 1 to defeat Amendment A – a measure which intends to legalize recreational marijuana and make it widely available throughout South Dakota. 

Here are two sides of the amendment.

Pro Amendment A

The following is from South Dakotans for Better Marijuana Laws

When something is broken it has to be fixed. Together Constitutional Amendment A and Initiated Measure 26 represent a commonsense solution to the failed status quo. Our marijuana policy reform initiatives will help veterans and patients who have serious health conditions, improve public safety, and generate new revenue.

Numerous scientific studies show that using medical marijuana can alleviate severe pain and other symptoms of serious health conditions. Researchers have also found that states with safe, legal access to marijuana see lower usage rates of more addictive and harmful drugs such as prescription opioids. Our initiatives would establish a medical marijuana program in which doctors and patients determine the best treatment options.

Against Amendment A

The following was provided in a press release from No Way on A.

Amendment A will appear on this November’s ballot and goes beyond making pot legal, it makes recreational marijuana use a part of our state’s 131 year-old Constitution that cannot be amended by our state legislature.

“This isn’t about getting high with your friends, this is about permanently expanding access to a drug that can have powerful consequences,” said  David Owen, Chairman of the Committee and President of the South Dakota Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as he filed the paperwork for establishing the “NO Way on Amendment A” Committee.

Owen and the NO Way on A Committee believe that this vote is even more crucial because Amendment A actually puts recreational marijuana into the State’s Constitution –  which means every change to this law will have to be put on the ballot.  “There is no way this belongs in the Constitution” Owen continued, “as no other regulated intoxicant is part of the Constitution including alcohol or even tobacco.”

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