Gettysburg Police Remove Symbol

The embattled Gettysburg police logo is now removed from the police cars, building, and patches in the town. The logo included the American flag and the Confederate flag, which some say is offensive. The issue was before the city council Monday. The council did not take action but instead stated that it was the decision of the police chief. The logo was designed back in 2009 under the direction of a former police chief. It was intended to represent the history of the town, which was founded just after the Civil War by Union and Confederate soldiers. They named it Gettysburg after the famous battleground that was a turning point in the war. Current Police Chief Dave Mogard has removed the symbol from the department items.

Sabrina Halvorson

Sabrina is the anchor and reporter for the Dakota News Network, as well as digital director and farm broadcaster for American Ag Radio Network. She travels a lot for the network and enjoys sharing stories and photos from the road - and sometimes the road of life.

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