Noem Meets with D.C. Officials as Rapid City Mayor Says State Not Forthcoming with COVID Information

Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender says he’s not getting updated information from the state on the progression of the coronavirus. He says at times he has had to get important information from news reports rather than from state health officials, despite repeatedly asking the state for information.

Allender said he’s disappointed that the state has not provided the information he needs as a mayor to keep his residents updated and safe. He said it seems futile at this point to hope for more.

Meanwhile, Governor Noem met with several high-ranking officials in Washington D.C. Wednesday, where she was discussing the state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Her COVID-19 response for the state has been openly applauded by the Trump administration. Among her scheduled appointments was Vice President Mike Pence. She also met with Secretary of Health Alex Azar.

Watch Mayor Allender’s full news conference here.

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