Fargo Police Warn of Potentially Deadly Pills

The Fargo Police Department would like to notify members of our community about illegal, counterfeit pills which resemble 30mg Oxycodone. Recently there have been several overdoses throughout the state of North Dakota involving these counterfeit pills. These pills, sold illegally on the street, contain the powerful opiate Fentanyl. The pills have a green tint to them and usually have an “M” imprinted on one side and a “30” imprinted on the other.

Prescriptoin 30mg Oxycodone pills prescribed by a doctor, that are filled and dispensed by legitimate pharmacies are still safe and have not been connected to any counterfeit pills.  There is no known danger to people who are obtaining legal prescriptions through pharmacies in the normal fashion.

If you obtain pills you believe to be 30mg Oxycodone through illegal means, be cautious of using these pills as they could contain Fentanyl and they pose a risk of serious bodily injury or death.  If you locate any pills, or any other substance, you believe to be suspicious or dangerous please contact your local law enforcement agency.

The overdoses believed to be linked to these pills are still under investigation, and no further information about those cases will be released at this time.

If you or someone you know suffers from addiction, please seek help by visiting https://www.behavioralhealth.nd.gov/about-us/addiction. The Harm Reduction Center, located at 512 5 St. N., may also be used as a resource to obtain Naloxone, which helps reverse opioid overdose.

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