A note about President Trump’s Coronavirus diagnosis:

As the News Director for the Dakota News Network, I wanted to explain why I’m not personally covering this very important story today. Frankly, it’s because I am the only person in the newsroom and I cannot responsibly report on this the way our listeners deserve to have it reported. I also will not participate in fearmongering, conjecture, or simply sloppy reporting.

I’m sure our local officials will put out statements or make comments, and I am happy to deliver those to you. But, I’m not going to put out my half-guesses about our nation’s future and call it news.

We are a small, independent news company – locally owned right here in the Dakotas. I want to do my best to serve you. I am happy to help you navigate the national news you may see elsewhere and have questions about. Please, reach out to me with your questions and I will help you find more information.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Sabrina Halvorson

News Director, Dakota News Network

Sabrina Halvorson

Sabrina is the anchor and reporter for the Dakota News Network, as well as digital director and farm broadcaster for American Ag Radio Network. She travels a lot for the network and enjoys sharing stories and photos from the road - and sometimes the road of life.

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