Fargo Police Seek Car In Trollwood Park Incident

Fargo Officers were dispatched to Trollwood Park, 3664 Elm Street North, for a report of gunshots heard late last night.

As an officer was arriving, he noticed a vehicle, which matched the description the caller provided to another officer, leaving the park. As the vehicle passed the officer, they immediately took off at a high rate of speed, without the officer activating their emergency lights. The vehicle drove recklessly through the Loaf N’ Jug parking lot, and continued into Clay County, MN.

The driver of the vehicle was not identified, nor located. The vehicle was a tan/gold passenger car with temporary dealer tags.

No injuries were reported.
The vehicle is believed to have been stolen on Dec. 7, 2020 when the owner had started the vehicle in the parking lot of Baker Gardens, 2733 University Drive South.

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