Fargo Police Warn of M30 Fentanyl Pills

Fargo authorities are working to get dangerous Fentanyl pills off the street.
Fargo Police say there has been an increase in the use of M30 Fentanyl pills — which may be linked to several overdoses in the area.

Police say they are typically small round blue pills with an ”M” imprinted on one side and a “30” imprinted on the other. While it is unknown the exact number of overdoses which were the result of the use of M30 Fentanyl pills, Fentanyl was found to be present in multiple fatal overdoses.

Fargo Narcotics officers say the pills have proved to be extremely dangerous due to the potency of Fentanyl. There have been several cases where the pills were marketed for sale on the street as Oxycodone, and the user did not realize the pills contained Fentanyl.

Fargo police are asking citizens to contact the Narcotics Unit if they have any information regarding persons who are involved in the distribution of dangerous drugs.

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