Parsons Resigns As US Attorney For SD

SIOUX FALLS, SD – United States Attorney Ron Parsons announced today that
he will step down as chief federal law enforcement officer for the District of
South Dakota effective February 26, 2021. His resignation was expected and is
part of the regular transition of appointed officials from office when a new
Administration comes in.
Regarding his departure, Parsons said:
“Serving in this position and working alongside state, local, tribal, and
federal law enforcement officials has been the highest privilege of my life.
Throughout my term, I’ve had the opportunity to observe the bravery,
sacrifice, and dedication of officers at every level of government
throughout our state working to protect the public, keep the peace, solve
crimes, safeguard victims, and hold criminals accountable for the misery
they cause. Law enforcement is a vital, noble, and truly rewarding
profession, and I encourage young people of all backgrounds to consider
it as a career.
It has been an extraordinary honor to serve in the Department of Justice
under Attorney General Barr and Attorney General Sessions and I thank
them for their leadership and their confidence in me to lead this office. I
would also like to thank Senator Thune and Senator Rounds for
recommending me for this position and placing their trust in my abilities
to serve the people of South Dakota as their chief federal law
enforcement officer.
I’m also very grateful for the friendships and relationships I have
developed with members and leaders of the nine federally recognized
Indian tribes in South Dakota. I particularly will miss visiting tribal
communities and appearing before Tribal Councils to work
collaboratively on solutions for improving public safety for everyone.
Above all, I am deeply appreciative of the men and women of the U.S.
Attorney’s Office working in each of our three branches in Rapid City,
Pierre, and Sioux Falls. Their friendship, professionalism, and good will
have made my job as enjoyable as it was rewarding. Every day, their
continued hard work and dedication to the pursuit of justice makes
South Dakota, and our nation, a better place to live. Any credit for
accomplishments during my tenure as United States Attorney belongs
solely to them and our law enforcement partners. I will miss them, and
they have my enduring thanks.”
Parsons was formally nominated by President Trump in September 2017
and began serving as United States Attorney on January 5, 2018 following his
unanimous confirmation by the Senate. Following his departure, he intends to
return to private practice in Sioux Falls.
First Assistant U.S. Attorney and Criminal Chief Dennis R. Holmes will
serve as Acting U.S. Attorney for the District of South Dakota after Parsons
officially leaves his post on February 26

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