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Governor Noem’s Top Ten List Of Surprises From First Term

(Pierre, SD) — Governor Kristi Noem has a top ten list of things that surprised her during her first term as South Dakota governor. In her address that followed her inauguration Saturday, Noem outlined things that mildly shocked her. She began at the bottom of her list with the fact that she could wear jeans if she wanted to and that people cared where she was, all the way up to her top surprise of how much she loves her job. She also mentioned being surprised about issues such as the diversity of high school mascots, how quickly decisions can be implemented, the inspiration she drew from the hard work of state employees, as well as more light-hearted items such as no naps, shock at what people would mail her, no time to elk hunt, and that no one cares if you’re governor when you’re tubing at the lake.



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