Agri-Pulse Poll Shows Farmers Support Donald Trump

A new poll from Agri-Pulse and Stratovation Group finds farmers and ranchers support electing Donald Trump to another term as president.

The effort shows 39 percent of surveyed farmers say they would most likely vote for Trump, while 19 percent indicated they would vote for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Just eight percent of surveyed farmers say they would vote for President Joe Biden. Of the 605 farmers that participated in the survey, 61 percent identified as Republicans, with 45 percent of that group favoring Trump. Ten percent of the survey participants identified as Democrats with 62 percent of those farmers supporting Biden. Another 18 percent of farmers identified as independents.

Stratovation Group conducted the study between December 14-22, 2023, including farmers and ranchers from the Midwest, South and California. The first presidential primary vote comes Monday as Republicans hold the Iowa Caucus.

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