American Agri-Women Release Vision for 2023 Farm Bill

The American Agri-Women released their vision for what’s important in the 2023 Farm Bill.

“Agriculture is on the front lines of challenges like dealing with climate, food security, national security, and world-class telecommunications to enable further developments in natural resource management,” says AAW President Heather Hampton-Knodle.

The group’s recent work builds on concepts the group published in 2022 that include fundamentals like well-funded, flexible crop insurance; revitalizing research infrastructure; access to markets and inputs and credit to help pay for exponential increases in inputs and equipment; and modernizing aging utilities for water and underserved telecommunications in rural areas. Their additions to the original vision include using export programs to secure global supply chains, increasing programs to support rural large-livestock veterinarians, and workforce development for the timber industry.

“The farm bill is needed for food security and national security as well as playing roles in a positive trade balance,” says Hampton-Knodle.

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