America’s Biggest Landowners

The Land Report Research Team issued a report detailing who are America’s largest landowners. The “Land Report 100” shows that as of 2021, America’s largest landowner is named Red Emmerson. He and his family own just over 2.4 million acres in California, Oregon, and Washington through their timber products company, Sierra Pacific Industries.

They surpassed Liberty Media Chairman John Malone’s 2.2 million acres. CNN founder Ted Turner is America’s third biggest landowner with two million acres in the Southeast, Great Plains, and across the West. The Lane Report 100 research team analyzes transactions and scours records to determine who are America’s leading landowners. That’s how they broke the news in 2020 that Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates was America’s largest farmland owner with more than 260,000 acres.

They used the same methodology to identify the founder of the Shanda Investment Group as the owner of almost 200,000 acres of Oregon timberland this year.

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