Coalition Formed to Advocate for Access to Crop Protection Tools

Grower and industry groups from across the country have joined together to support a new coalition, the Modern Ag Alliance. The coalition seeks to protect farmers’ access to critical crop protection tools to ensure a robust and affordable food supply.

Working alongside federal and state policymakers, more than 60 diverse agriculture organizations, led by Bayer, have aligned to voice their support for legislative solutions that ensure consistency in labeling and the continued domestic availability of innovations for farming. The Modern Ag Alliance is working with agricultural partners and policymakers nationwide to reinforce the importance of science-based regulation. Specifically, the need to ensure any pesticide registered with the EPA – and sold under a label consistent with the EPA’s own determinations – is sufficient to satisfy requirements for health and safety warnings.

Jess Christiansen, Head of Crop Science Communications for Bayer, says, “Farmers need these critical innovations now more than ever – and certainty to ensure the continued long-term availability of products like glyphosate.”

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