Corn Growers Disappointed in ITC Decision on Imports

The U.S. International Trade Commission agreed to advance a petition by Corteva Agribusiness to place anti-dumping and countervailing duties on imports of 2,4-D shipping from China and India.

The National Corn Growers Association says the decision will have a negative impact on U.S. farmers. “We are disappointed that the ITC didn’t listen to the feedback from farmers about how harmful these tariffs can be to rural America,” says NCGA President Harold Wolle. “Corn prices are already low, and input costs have been rising, so this decision will only compound our problems.”

Six of the nation’s major commodity groups sent a letter to the International Trade Commission in April, encouraging it to vote against advancing the petition. Growers have said the imports covered by this case are the major source of supply other than Corteva, the only U.S. manufacturer. America’s farmers cannot rely upon a sole domestic supplier of 2,4-D.

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