Crop Conditions Fall Again This Week Nationwide

(FARGO, ND)– This week’s Crop Progress Report from USDA showed a continued worsening of crop conditions for the week ended June 25th; as many expected.

The nationwide corn rating fell 5% in the good to excellent category and now stands at 50% as of Sunday. Soybeans nationwide fell 3% in the good to excellent category and now stands at 51% as of Sunday. Spring wheat nationwide fell just 1% and now stands at 50% good to excellent as of Sunday, June 25th.

Corn ratings saw double digit declines in Missouri, Illinois and Minnesota last week while soybeans lost 12% in Missouri. Illinois corn and soybean crop now stands at just 26% and 25% respectively as lack of meaningful rainfall is taking its toll on the state.

North Dakota corn is rated at 65% good to excellent, South Dakota corn at 47% good to excellent and Minnesota is now 57% good to excellent. For soybeans, North Dakota stands at 62% good to excellent, South Dakota at 47% and Minnesota at 63% as of Sunday.

For spring wheat, North Dakota’s crop went down 6% to now stand at 49% good to excellent. Minnesota’s crop is now rated 69% good to excellent while South Dakota spring wheat continues to struggle at just 27% good to excellent.

Winter wheat harvest in the southern plains continues along with 24% of the crop harvested as of Sunday.

Read the full report here:

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