CropLife International Joins Calls for Action over Illicit Pesticide Sales

CropLife International recently joined calls for greater control measures and enforcement regarding the online sale of illicit pesticides. The move follows a report by the Transnational Alliance to Combat Illicit Trade regarding counterfeit and illicit crop protection products on e-commerce platforms.

The report, Tackling the Sale of Illicit Pesticides on E-Commerce Platforms, highlights the presence of counterfeit and illicit crop protection products across all major e-commerce platforms and points to the large gap between the platforms’ stated policies, their enforcement, and how lawmakers are regulating online sales. As the global association for the plant-science industry, CropLife International worked with the alliance in developing the report, and is committed to supporting their calls to implement the recommendations it contains.

CropLife International President and CEO Emily Rees adds, “This puts the spotlight on the platforms to step up and ensure that the purpose for which these products are designed – to nurture and protect agriculture – is not turned on its head through illegal activity on e-commerce.”

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