FAO Issues Report on World’s Hunger Hotspots

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has issued an early report on places it expects to be hunger hotspots from June to November. The FAO says food insecurity is likely going to increase in magnitude and severity in 18 hunger hotspots in 22 countries.

The report spotlights the risk of spillover in the Sudan crisis, raising the risk of negative impacts in the surrounding countries. It also says deeper economic shocks will continue to drive low- and middle-income nations deeper into crisis. FAO is also warning that a likely El Niño climate event will raise fears of climate extremes in the most vulnerable nations around the world.

All of the hotspots at the highest level of concern have populations facing or projected to face starvation or are at risk of deterioration towards those conditions. Countries like Afghanistan, Nigeria, Somalia, and South Sudan remain at the highest level of concern.

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