FMC Collaboration Seeks Improved Farm Safety in Ukraine

FMC Corporation and The HALO Trust this week announced a new collaboration to improve farm safety in Ukraine.

Under its Cultivating Freedom campaign, FMC will donate three percent of its 2023 sales revenue in Ukraine to significantly expand The HALO Trust’s demining efforts. With the funding, The HALO Trust will be able to increase its capacity to remove landmines from Ukrainian farms.

FMC president and CEO Mark Douglas says, “This project not only ensures Ukrainian farmers can safely return to their fields for planting and harvest, but it also contributes to improving food security around the globe.”

James Cowan, CEO of The HALO Trust CEO James Cowan adds the investment “will allow us to invest in the people, equipment and new technology needed for the enormous task of making Ukraine safe from landmines, bombs and shells.” The collaboration between FMC and The HALO Trust will start this month in several communities across Ukraine.

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