Grassley Says Farm Bill Work Behind Schedule, One-Year Extension May be Needed

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley (R) says work on the new farm bill is behind schedule and a one-year extension of current law may be needed. Grassley, with longtime farm bill experience, suggests he saw the problem coming.

He says; “Two months ago, I said that if we did not have a farm bill text distributed to Ag Committee members by June the 15th, then we would be behind schedule. As of this week, we are nowhere near that goal. I’m increasingly concerned that we’re going to fall behind on getting a farm bill done by September 30th and have to give a one-year extension.”

According to Grassley, a key sticking point is reference or trigger prices for commodity supports. Grassley says; “Midwest corn and soybeans don’t seem to be as hot to get reference pricing higher, but I’m sure that cotton and rice and peanuts is going to want to get it higher.”

Grassley predicts it won’t be difficult to get a one year farm bill extension, if needed.

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