Growth Energy: American Drivers Have Logged 100 Billion Miles on E15

WASHINGTON, DC –Growth Energy, the nation’s largest biofuel trade association, released updated data today showing that American drivers recently surpassed a massive milestone: 100 billion miles driven on affordable, homegrown E15 fuel.

The 15-percent biofuel blend is saving motorists nationwide an average of up to 15 cents per gallon at the pump. In some states, amid heightened fuel costs this past summer, drivers saw E15 savings climb as high as 60 cents per gallon.

“At Growth Energy, we are proud to lead the charge on American-made, plant-based fuels,” said CEO Emily Skor. “Homegrown biofuels deliver value for consumers at the pump, value for American agriculture and rural communities, and value for our nation’s climate goals. We’re proud of the 100 billion miles driven on E15 and excited that consumers have access to an affordable, earth-friendly option to fuel their travels.”

Despite the widespread use of E15 to power light-duty vehicles, this fuel blend is only available for sale nine months of the year. Outdated regulations prevent it from being sold during the summer without the issuance of an emergency waiver each year from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Skor used today’s news to urge lawmakers to find a federal legislative solution that provides for the unrestricted sale of E15 in every state, all year long.

“There aren’t very many products on the market today that allow consumers to both save money and lower their carbon emissions at the same time. E15 is one of them,” she added. “We need a permanent fix to ensure retailers can continue to offer this fuel option and consumers can continue to rely on it to quickly and easily lower their fuel costs and shrink their carbon footprint.”

About E15

E15 is a fuel blend made of gasoline and 15% bioethanol. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved its use in all cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) made in model year 2001 and newer—representing more than 96% of all vehicles on the road today. E15 can be found at over 3,400 gas stations in 31 states and is legal for sale in every state except California. Last summer drivers saved an average of 15 cents per gallon by filling up with E15 compared to regular, or E10. In some areas, E15 saved drivers as much as $.60 per gallon at the pump.

Learn more about E15 here.

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