Lawmakers Introduce American Farmers Feed the World Act

Lawmakers this week introduced the American Farmers Feed the World Act of 2023. The bipartisan bill would “keep food in America’s international food aid programs.”

Specifically, the legislation aims to restore the original intent of the Food for Peace program without spending additional Farm Bill resources, all while safeguarding the interests of U.S. farmers. U.S. Wheat Associates joined the National Association of Wheat Growers and other agricultural organizations for the introduction of the bill Thursday.

USW Director of Trade Policy Peter Laudeman says, “The reforms in the American Farmers Feed the World Act of 2023 will ensure that more food gets to more people in need throughout the world, without spending any additional resources.”

Representative Tracy Mann, a Kansas Republican who joined colleagues to introduce the legislation, says, “This bill puts a stake in the ground: it’s a noble thing to feed hungry people, and we should use American commodities as we do it.”

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