More Elected Officials Concerned About Lack of AM Radio in New Cars

Representatives Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin and Josh Gottheimer of New Jersey sent a bipartisan letter to the Federal Emergency Management Agency regarding the future of AM radio in new vehicles.

They expressed concerns over auto makers’ decision to drop AM radio access in the new electric vehicles that will be coming to market. The members talked about the important role that AM radio plays in providing life-saving information to the public. They also asked FEMA to outline what impact this would have on the nation’s Emergency Alert System and what steps the agency is taking to prevent this from happening in future vehicle models.

“AM radio has extensive geographic reach, including areas where there’s little cell service or broadband internet access,” they say in the letter. “Given the growth in electric vehicle sales, it’s vital that FEMA makes clear the impact that no AM radios will have on public safety.”

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