NFU Appreciates USDA Funding to Strengthen Food Supply Chain Infrastructure

The USDA recently announced the creation of 12 new USDA Regional Food Business Centers, and the National Farmers Union is pleased with the move.

“This is the kind of capacity and investment that we need to make meaningful improvements in our food system,” says NFU President Rob Larew. “Providing local and regional access to processing and distribution is one avenue to fight back against the rampant consolidation in the agriculture and food sector.”

The new USDA Regional Food Centers will provide national coverage coordination, technical assistance, and capacity building to help farmers, ranchers, and other food businesses access new markets and navigate federal, state, and local resources.

“This move provides support for farmers and ranchers to market their products in their own communities, and keeping those resources local is a win for everyone,” Larew says. “This will build resiliency in the food supply and vitality in our rural and agricultural economy.”

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