Pipe Supplier Sues Summit Carbon Solutions

An Arkansas pipe manufacturer is suing Summit Carbon Solutions for 15 million dollars. Summit wants to build a carbon dioxide pipeline system in multiple Midwestern states.

The lawsuit, filed by Welspun Tubular, says Summit hired the company to produce 785 miles of pipe starting in May 2023 at a cost of $183 million. However, Summit’s pipeline network is scheduled to cover 2,500 miles in five states but has taken longer than expected to get approval. Summit says construction may begin in early 2025. An agreement allowed Summit to delay pipe production for up to six months until November 2023. Welspun notified Summit it would proceed with pipeline production in February, but Summit eventually canceled the agreement.

The Nebraska Examiner says state regulators in North and South Dakota rejected the company’s initial pipeline routes. The Iowa Utilities Board is poised to decide whether to issue the company a permit.

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