Pivot Bio Releases First Impact Report

Pivot Bio, a sustainable agriculture company, released its inaugural impact report this week. The report documents how farmers are using their products to improve their productivity and profitability without synthetic fertilizer polluting local rivers or contributing to climate change.

In 2022 alone, Pivot Bio helped its customers replace over 32,000 tons of synthetic nitrogen fertilizer, avoiding roughly 226,400 metric tons of CO2e – equivalent to powering 44,000 U.S. homes for a year. Pivot Bio CEO Karsten Temme says, “This data shows farmers are using biological nitrogen to reliably increase their productivity, profitability, and sustainability.”

The company’s microbial nitrogen is manufactured with an emissions footprint that is just two percent that of synthetic fertilizer and uses 1,000 times less water. Pivot Bio’s microbial nitrogen can replace approximately a quarter of a farmer’s synthetic nitrogen. In 2022, it was used by farmers on over three million acres in the United States, and the company reported revenue of over $60 million.

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