Planting Progress Continued to Move Forward Last Week

(WASHINGTON D.C.)– Despite more heavy rain and severe weather last week across parts of the country, farmers were able to maintain planting pace for corn, soybeans and spring wheat according to the latest USDA Crop Progress Report out on Tuesday.

As of Sunday, May 26th, corn planting nationwide jumped 13 points to now stand at 83% complete. That is just one point ahead of the five-year average and six points behind last year with Iowa and Illinois at 88% and 80% planted respectively. 58% of the nation’s corn crop had emerged as of Sunday.

Soybean planting nationwide advanced another 16 points to now stand at 68% complete as of Sunday. That pace is five points ahead of the five-year average but still 10 points behind last year’s pace at this time. Soybean emergence was 39% as of Sunday, May 26th with North Dakota and South Dakota at 9% and 17% emerged respectively.

For spring wheat, the great planting pace continues with 88% of spring wheat acres planted as of Sunday. That remains seven points ahead of the five-year average and nine points ahead of last year’s pace with North Dakota 84% planted and Minnesota planting almost complete at 96%. 61% of spring wheat had emerged as of Sunday as well.

Finally for winter wheat, 77% of the crop was headed as of Sunday and 48% of the crop was rated in good to excellent condition. That was down one point from last week.

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