Producers and Industry Encouraged to Attend World Pork Expo

Pork producers and those involved in the industry will gather at the Iowa State Fairgrounds June 7-9 for the 35th anniversary of World Pork Expo. National Pork Board member Alayne Johnson from Indiana said the expo brings a variety of learning opportunities with industry leaders.

Johnson; “Firsthand like what’s going on, what we’re working on, what’s on the minds of people who are on the different facets of the industry, to try to solve those problems and try to be proactive and getting ahead of things as well as things that have already been done, and how we’re growing those programs to make them even better.”

And one can’t leave World Pork Expo hungry, especially with the time-honored tradition of the Big Grill. Johnson; “The Big Grill is a time honored tradition and such wonderful appreciation for the Tama county pork producers who come and put this event on and it provides free meals and they’ll be live music this year. And like I said before, no one cooks pork like pork producers.”

Attendees can stop at the NPB booth to learn about Checkoff’s tools to prepare for a foreign animal disease outbreak, specifically AgView, US SHIP, Secure Pork Supply and Certified Swine Sample Collectors program.

Johnson says; “So, as a producer and a board member, as a board member, I really highly encourage everyone to stop by our booth and we can really talk about all the things and the programs that we’ve been going on, especially those that are in reference to foreign animal disease. That’s been a big focus for the Pork Board to make sure that we are ahead of the game. And we will have industry leaders and experts there to explain all of the things that we’ve been working on. And it’s really a you know, it’s a great opportunity to engage with those at National Pork Board and kind of the more casual setting where it’s less, you know, less intimidating, perhaps I don’t know, but also to meet them, get faces to the names and really talk about where you are as a producer in this process as far as preparedness goes and how we can help you get to the next step so that we are all doing this together and making an effort towards protecting our industry wide pork supply.”

Johnson said pork expo is a great opportunity for producers to engage with industry experts about their preparedness plans, concerns and other industry topics. Register for World Pork Expo at

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