Programs Offer U.S. Dairy Farmers Carbon-Asset Payments

Three carbon projects initiated in 2021 and 2022 issued nearly $3 million in carbon-asset payments to U.S. dairy farmers who used Agolin® Ruminant to create verified emissions reductions.

A verified emissions reduction is a carbon asset that can be used as an offset or within a value chain. It represents one metric ton of greenhouse gas emissions equivalent that is either avoided or removed from the atmosphere through an intervention that has been independently verified as part of a carbon reduction project. Agolin Ruminant is a proprietary blend of essential oils that improves milk production and feed efficiency in beef and dairy cattle.

Concord Agriculture Partners has chosen Agolin Ruminant to create a new carbon inset project, which guarantees that participating dairy producers will receive an industry-leading 85 percent of the gross value of the carbon asset. Alltech, a global leader in agriculture, acquired a majority interest in Agolin SA in May 2023.

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