Reminders For Storing Planters When Finished

There’s a lot of other work to be done when planting finishes. The temptation may be to let it sit there until next season. Planter experts say that could mean a risk of problems next spring.

“For your planter to run at peak performance, efficiency, and accuracy, what you do now to properly store it is just as important, if not more important, than how you prepare for planting next spring,” says Brad Niensteadt, lead product specialist with Kinze.

He offered a checklist, which includes storing the planter in a sheltered area if possible. Moisture and planters are not a good combination, plus the trade-in value is much better if you keep it inside. Remove all dirt and trash wrapped on sprockets or shafts. Any residue will draw moisture and cause corrosion. Make sure you clean drive chains and coat them with rust-preventative spray or remove and submerge them in oil.

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