Rural Residents Among Country’s Unhappiest People

Rural residents join Republicans, renters, women, and single people in feeling they’re in a funk financially. That’s according to the Axios Vibe survey by The Harris Poll.

Inflation has dipped in recent months, but the subject remains top of mind for many Americans. Six in 10 survey respondents say they’re now “triggered” by trips to the grocery store. Grocery purchases are the top way Americans say they feel inflation every day, followed by gas prices. Thirty-seven percent of Americans rate their financial situation as poor. That rises to 57 percent for renters, 47 percent for singles, and 46 percent for rural residents.

Forty-one percent of Americans say their finances are worse today than they’d have predicted if they’d been asked, pre-COVID, to imagine the future. That percentage rises to 53 percent for rural residents and 51 percent for renters. The poll finds many Americans, including rural residents, calling the economy weak.

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