Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Scott Condemns SNAP Work Requirements

House Agriculture Committee Ranking Member David Scott (D-GA) released a statement responding to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s debt limit framework. If that framework gets passed as proposed, it will include what Scott calls additional “punitive” work requirements for SNAP participation. “Let me be perfectly clear,” Scott says. “Holding food assistance hostage for those who depend on it, including 15.3 million children, 5.8 million seniors, and 1.2 million veterans, in exchange for increasing the debt limit is a non-starter.” He also points out that the “ransom note” McCarthy unveiled in front of a crowd of Wall Street bankers is dead on arrival. “Republican attempts to punish low-income families to pay for tax cuts they pushed through under President Trump will not result in self-sufficiency,” Scott says. “It will only drastically increase hunger for our American people.” He says the additional work requirements on top of already-existing work rules won’t spur economic growth.


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