USDA Announces Domestic Fertilizer Investments

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack Thursday announced USDA is investing in domestic fertilizer projects to strengthen competition for U.S. agriculture. The funding comes via the Fertilizer Production and Expansion Program.

USDA is awarding $83 million in 12 states for projects through the program that provides grants to independent business owners to help them modernize equipment, adopt new technologies, build production plants and more. Vilsack says the investments will, “increase domestic fertilizer production and strengthen our supply chain, all while creating good-paying jobs that will benefit everyone.”

The investments will boost domestic fertilizer production, strengthen competition and lower costs for U.S. farmers. USDA is making awards to facilities in California, Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon and Washington. To date, USDA has invested $251 million in 57 projects across 29 states through the program.

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