USDA Expands Support for Producers to Stop H5N1 Spread in Dairy Cattle

USDA Thursday expanded support for dairy producers taking mitigation measures to protect cattle from H5N1. USDA will now provide financial support, up to $1,500 per premises, to any producer to develop and implement a biosecurity plan based on existing secure milk supply plans.

In addition, USDA will provide a $100 payment to producers who purchase and use an in-line sampler for their milk system. USDA is supporting producers by covering fees for veterinarians to collect samples for H5N1 testing. Veterinary sample collection costs are eligible to be covered from April 29, 2024, up to $2,000 per premises. USDA will pay for the cost of shipping samples to National Animal Health Laboratory Network labs for testing, not to exceed $50 per shipment for up to two shipments per month for each premise.

Further, USDA will soon issue a rule making funding available from the Emergency Assistance for Livestock, Honey Bees, and Farm-raised Fish Program to compensate eligible producers with positive herds who experience loss of milk production.

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