USDA Supporting American Producers, School Meals, and Emergency Operations

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says USDA is providing $2.7 billion to support American farmers, students participating in school meal programs, and emergency food operations.

Almost $1.3 billion goes to states to purchase foods to be distributed to schools for their meal programs, and almost $1 billion for states to order commodities from USDA vendors for emergency food providers. Those emergency providers include food banks and community kitchens that face high demand and supply chain disruptions. USDA is also making up to $400 million in grants available to help support domestic fertilizer production capacity and lower costs for producers.

“American agriculture has continued to be resilient in the face of significant and unpredictable challenges,” Vilsack says. “Today’s comprehensive set of investments will help producers by increasing commodity purchases for schools and emergency food providers and supporting expanded domestic fertilizer capacity to help lower costs. This better prepares us for the future.”

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