Vilsack Announces Rural Infrastructure Funding

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack Wednesday announced a more than $772 million investment for rural infrastructure projects.

USDA says the new projects will benefit more than one million people living in remote areas of the country by providing reliable high-speed internet access, clean, safe water and a range of support for rural communities. Vilsack commented, “The investments will help us build our economy from the middle out and bottom-up by bringing high-speed internet, clean water, modern infrastructure, and good-paying jobs to communities in rural areas.”

USDA is investing $51.7 million to expand access to high-speed internet for rural areas through the Reconnect Program and the Broadband Technical Assistance Program, and $42 million in grants through the ReConnect Program. The investments also fund infrastructure projects in underserved communities participating in the Rural Partners Network. And USDA is financing projects through the Water and Waste Disposal Loan and Grant Program to help build and improve rural wastewater systems.

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