Winter Wheat Tour Final Results

The Wheat Quality Council’s Hard Winter Wheat Tour wrapped up last week after three days of scouting 449 fields in Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.

The total weighted average yield for hard winter wheat was estimated at 46.5 bushels per acre. That’s over a 50 percent increase from 2023. Last year’s tour estimate was an even 30 bushels per acre. The official tour projection for total wheat production to get harvested in Kansas is 290.4 million bushels. This number is the average of estimated predictions from tour participants who gathered the information.

Based on May 1 conditions, NASS predicted the crop to be slightly lower at 267.9 million bushels, with a yield of 38 bushels per acre. Many of those fields are still two to four weeks from harvest, so Kansas Wheat Dot Com says a lot can happen between now and then to affect yield.

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