World Food Prices Lower in August

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization’s Food Price Index averaged 121.4 points in August, a 2.6-point drop from July, reversing the rebound registered that month.

The August drop pushed the index 38 points lower than its peak reached in March 2022. The overall drop was driven by declines in the index for dairy products, vegetable oils, meat, and cereals, while the sugar price index rose modestly. The Dairy Price Index averaged 111.3 points in August and took the biggest drop, down 4.6 points from July, the eighth-straight monthly decline.

The Vegetable Oil Index averaged 125.8 points, 4.6 points below July. The Meat Price Index averaged 111.3 points in August, down 4.6 points from July, the eighth-consecutive monthly drop. The Sugar Price Index averaged 148.2 points in August, up 1.9 points from July and as much as 37.7 points, or 34 percent, from its level in the same month last year.

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