World to Rebuild Rural Ukraine Released February Export Data

World to Rebuild Rural Ukraine reports Ukraine managed to export eight million metric tons of agricultural products in February, 3.4 percent more than the previous month. Of that, 5.2 million metric tons were exported through the sea corridor, a record volume since the beginning of Russia’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Since August 2023, 19 million metric tons of agricultural products have been shipped to foreign markets, which is 68 percent of the total volume of cargo. Ukraine has shipped 2.5 million metric tons of grain and oil through the Danube ports during the first months of 2024. Meanwhile, exports of sunflower oil in February exceeded last year’s figure by 50 percent as 603,000 metric tons were exported. And Ukraine exported 8,500 metric tons of dairy products in February, and increase of 22 percent from last year.

With planting season underway, WRRU reports costs for the four main expense components—fertilizers, chemicals, seed and fuel are down five percent this year for grains and four percent for oilseeds.

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