Nutty People Wanted

(Austin, MN) — If your current job isn’t all it’s cracked up to be then go nuts and become a “Peanutter.” Planters wants three people to join its team and drive around the country with Mr. Peanut in a unique NUT-mobile. No hot dog cars here – this one is peanut-shaped. Believe it or nut, the year-long commitment will have you being grand marshals of parades, making appearances at public events and doling out nuts to festival goers. This is no nut shell game – the prerequisite to become a Peanutter is to be fun, creative and carefree. A college grad who’s chock full of nut-related puns is a plus. The gig starts this June. Apply at Be-A-Peanutter-dot-com. Cashew later!

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