Closer Look At Multi-Millions In Targeted Raises Going To South Dakota Employees

(Pierre, SD) — The 13-thousand employees who run the South Dakota state government are set to earn raises of at least seven percent.

More than one-third of these roles are getting higher, targeted raises in hard-to-fill and longer-tenured positions. The largest gross shares of the more than 31 million dollars in targeted increases are headed to the Department of Social Services and the Department of Transportation. Darin Seeley, the commissioner of the state Bureau of Human Resources, says the targeted increases among longer-tenured employees are a key part of helping keep workforce challenges at bay by potentially keeping older state employees in their roles longer.

In total, the targeted increases are headed to at least 47-hundred employees. Some departments have not released full numbers yet. The 2024 fiscal year begins July 1st, and that’s when these increases officially take effect.

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