GOED Used Just One-Third Of Money Meant For Recruiting

(Pierre, SD) — Reports say the Governor’s Office of Economic Development spent only about one-third of the one million dollars that state lawmakers allotted two years ago for recruiting people to move South Dakota for jobs that employers found hard to fill.

GOED is now using the more than six-hundred-80 thousand dollars that remained for other marketing instead. That’s in addition to the extra one million that GOED received from the Legislature last year and the extra one million it’s getting again for the budget that starts July 1st.

Travis Dovre, who serves as GOED’s fiscal officer, notes the carryover is being used as part of one-point-six million dollars for marketing in the current 2023 budget. He said the office is trying to make “a big splash” to take advantage of South Dakota being on people’s minds and “keep South Dakota’s message front and center.”

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