Governor Noem Campaign Donors Bypassed State Limits

(Pierre, SD) — Reports show the Noem Victory Fund that the governor set up two years ago at the federal level had an unusual benefit. It allowed contributors to get around South Dakota’s campaign-finance laws. People who gave money to the joint fundraising committee were able to contribute more than the four-thousand dollar annual limit that South Dakota law allows a person or entity to donate to a statewide candidate for election. These donations often were in addition to money that many of them gave directly to her re-election committee and in some instances to a separate federal political action in her name. Twenty-five South Dakotans and three business entities contributed at least five-thousand dollars apiece and in some cases as much as 25-thousand — and in one instance a combined 42-thousand between a person and his farm — to the Noem Victory Fund in 2022, according to Federal Election Commission records.

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