Legislature is done!

PIERRE, S.D. (SDBA) — It is done.
After considering 560 bills, resolutions, and commemorations, meeting for 38 days, and having to delay adjournment a day because of winter weather, the 99th session of the South Dakota is history.
The House and Senate jointly adjourned sine die (signee dye) about 1:08 p.m. Central Time Tuesday. Sine die is a Latin term for “no date set to resume.
After swinging the gavel closing the 2024 assembly, Republican House Speaker Hugh Bartels of Watertown congratulated members on a productive session and a “new record” for adjournment. 
The 100th Session convenes at noon on Tuesday, January 14, 2025. At that time, legislators are scheduled to hear the governor’s State of the State Address.
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