Nuns Working To Save Childcare Center In Watertown

(Watertown, SD) — Community leaders in Watertown are fighting to keep a local childcare center afloat. Little Blessing ministry is the city’s largest childcare provider, taking in over 150 kids. It’s in a wing of the Family Worship Center Church, which is now asking Little Blessings to move out of the building by the end of the year. But Mother of God Monastery is trying to save Watertown from a potential crisis by offering their recently vacated 14-thousand-square-foot building and 250-thousand dollars to Little Blessings. The move could make room for over two-hundred kids, but the space still needs two-million dollars in renovations to make the space viable for childcare. That money needs to be raised within the next seven months to prevent kids losing daycare and over 40 staff members without jobs.

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