NCAA Drops Hammer On Florida State Football

(Tallahassee, FL) — The NCAA is levying weighty consequences against the Florida State football program following an investigation into its NIL practices. Florida State will play the next two seasons under probation and will have to separate from its NIL collective for the 2024 season after the NCAA concluded that the program broke rules about using NIL offers for recruiting. The investigation found the offensive coordinator Alex Atkins set up a meeting with Georgia transfer Amarius Mims and a booster from the Seminoles Rising Spear NIL collective. Mims was offered 15-thousand dollars per month to transfer to Florida State during the meeting. Schools are not allowed to promise NIL deals in order to entice prospects to join their program. The NCAA suspended Atkins three games for his role in the malfeasance, but the investigation concluded that head coach Mike Norvell didn’t commit any violations.

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